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>> here is president obama beginning his campaign stop in san francisco. meeting greeting supporters at the airport. this is probably his only bay
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area appearance however where no one had to pay in order to see him. good evening. the president has 3 big fundraisers this eveni. first was at 4:00 o'clock at the intercontinental hotel. 25 supporters payed 40,000 dollars a rson to meet him. then president obama headed over t bill gram pacific auditorium for 2 event. dinner with celebrity chefs that cost 2 20,000 dollars per person then concert tonight with john legend and san francisco own michael frantic. president is due to speak about 40 minutes from now. we plan to bring some of this to you live. in the meantime the edence is presenti debate lasweek was a ge changer. at ast for the mome. west poll from the research zeros shows romney pulling ahead for the first time. 29 days before the election. president plan to turn his campaign around is the last though. here's jay tappe
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tapper. >>reporter: president obama sending a message to his supporters about last week debate dister he gets it. here he is at los angeles fundraiser praising the opening performers. >> they just performed flawles flawlessly. nature after nigh night. i can't always say the same. >>reporter: last if you day theundit vicus and the comic no kinder. whether new new yorker cover or "saturday night live". >> mr. president governor romney has just said that he killed osama bin laden. would you care to respond? >> no you two go ahead. >> gallup poll believes romney did the superior job. sf percent to obama 20 percent. incumbentpresent wall off from cfrontatiften umbleas d reagan i 1984. >> i did avoid i'm afraid in my previous answer also. >> president obama seemed to have initially thought all went well that night. >> this was a terrific debate.
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>> but quickly after leaving the stage the president talked to aide and realized he had not brought his a game. this is on me he later told top advisors and sincehen he has been studying the video of the night with goal of more energetic and crisp performance. while obama campaign dismisses the importance of the debate other top democrat say pressure is on vice president biden. win by ryan could create dynamic of energy challenger squaring off against tired incumbent. vice president biden has been holed up in delaware hotel room doing debate preparation. reading the book co-authored b paul ryan called young gun and practicing attack line that the president didn't use last week. more space for a vice-presidential candidate to engage in that kind of attack given that the approval ratings don't matter as much. this is the white house. >> in the mean time mitt romney shted his fk daughter
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ternatnal affas durin the spch athe virgia military institeomne asted th prident sang theisk of colict in e mile et has grown under president obama leadership. >> time to change course in the middle east. that course should be organized around the bed rock principals. america must have confidence in our cause. clarity in our purpose and resolve in our minds. >> romney pledged to tighten sanctions on iran to force it to give up the nuclear ambitio ambition. he also promised to increase military asstance and coordination with israel. white house dismissed romney attacks touting the president record in iraq afghanistan and killing of osama bin laden. there are unning comments tonigh from jerry sandusky on the eve of his sentencing for child sexual abuse. former assistant football coach released a recording to the penn state student radio station that accuses his victims of lying. the tape was
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played on abc world news tonight when the story broke we have a segment of it for you now. listen. >> over and over i ask why. why didn't we have a fair opportunity to prepare for trail? why have so many people suffered as a result of false allegations? what's the purpose? they could take away my life. they can make me out as monster and treat me as monster but captain take away my heart. in my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. my wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage. our love continues. >>reporter: 68-year-old sandusky faces anywhere from 10 to 400 years in prison for his conviction on 45 counts of molestation. again his sentencing scheduled for tomorrow. another big day tomorro case of suspended san francisco sheriff mirkarimi comes to head tomorrow. at tuesday meeting the board of supervisors will finally vote on whether he should be removed ultimately from office for domestic violence incident involving his
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wife. today a company litigation of domestic violence groups held a rally outside city hall to urge the supervisors to oust mirkarimi from the position. california gas prices set another record today. but the increases may end even before the cheaper winter blend of fuel reaches consumers. analyst say whole sale fuel prisons plunged today and that decline should be renreingted at the pump this week. triple a today shows the price at the pump state wide went up 2 cents over nature to 4.68. in san francisco the jump was a penny to 4.74. oakland saw a penny jump to 4.68 and san jose average was also 4.68 up 2 cents. now increment increases certainly compared to the 45 cents spike last week. annette explains tonight why relief is now in sight. >> hang on. price is coming down. >> not long after governor brown issued a weekend
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directive ordering state regulators to do whatever it took to ease gasoline praises, the california air resource board won fast approval from the u.s. epa to stop requiring expensive summer blend gasoline medley. since only 3 week before the normal switch over to winter blend. the thinking was the dirty formula wouldn't affect people health too much. >> it gives the industry green light to go ahead and produce winter blend fuel and distribute it and sell it. >>reporter: it's expected to increase gasoline supply in california as much as 10%. but it will take a few more days for prices to dip at the pump because the shell refinery told us it's more complicated than flipping a switch. >> our goods lean prices have set a record high and we all are paying that. we are all upset about that no doubt. but they will be comg down but they may not coming down as rapidly as everyone wants. >> this is too little too late. >>reporter: republicans are calling for adopting one
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formula all year long like the federal formula. states refinery can bring in oil from other states to keep prisons competitive. they say the governor direcveill only duce pricebya small amnt. it'so laing solution. aren't we looking for the long-term so for the next year we are not facing these gas prices? >>reporter: but california adopted stricter gasoline standard because the pollution here was so bad. state says summer blend have lessen smog and improved the health of californians. >> since the it first went in effect in 1971 there have been thousands of californians who are aleif now who wouldn't have been. people with asthma. people with emphysema. >>reporter: despite multiple refinery problems contributing to the spike in gas praises senator feinstein has urged federal trade commission to investigate possible illegal market manipulation. at the air resource board in sacramento, abc 7 news. one more note on goods
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praises. if you are lacking to find the best prison ins town wethe answer just go to our web site to find the best deals in your neighborhood. there is link at the top of our home page check it out when you get a moment. >> new details emerge today in the mysterious killing of a hercules woman. susie body found inside her home friday night. family is doing everything they can to track down her killer. they are taking to social media and organizing a vigil just getting under way. more tonight from laura anthony. >> we definitely want to know who did this. >>reporter: with the fbi combing through the home for evidence, the family and friend just want her killer caured. >> iope for anythi, anhingossie that wl le to findg th person who did this to my mom. >>reporter: police say they industrial no mostly clear motive for the murder and still searching for her 2011 subaru with idaho license plates. the car shown here on web site set up by the family.
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>> we are a quiet bedroom community. just random act of violence. >>reporter: 55-year-old woman was found friday night just inside her front door. autopsy revealed she died from multiple stab wounds and blunt force trump to the head. with only 2 crime scene investigators hercules police asked the fbi for help. this morning a dozen agents spend the day going through the house collecting potential evidence. >> at some point we will more th likely take theusband or one of the members of the family through to see if there's anything miss that go we don't know about. at this point the only thing we know missing is the car. >>reporter: mean time those who knew the woman are trying to come to grips with her loss. >> something i never thought would i see happen to this person. >>reporter: 18-year-old jordan hernandez was stun of hers at this elementary school. >> who would have the intention to do this to a generous person? kind of mind boggling.
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>>reporter: she taught at st. patrick's for 5 years. she was still active in the church. >> children just gravitated to her. even as they graduated and went on to high school they would still meet and talk with her and she would remember their names. she was just a dedicated teacher. >>reporter: fbi wrapped up their part of t invtigation but rcules policsay they wot be ae to turn the me beme over to theamily for at legislature a couple more days. in hercules, abc 7 news. still coming up here tonight on 7 news at finance:0 finance:00. follow the money. as we continue the fight for living wage and how earning 10 dollars an hour will affect small business owner ins the south bay. >> stem cell researcher wins nobel prices for medicine. we tell you about the revolutionary work he's been doing in the bay area. >> we are now looking at increasing chance of showers coming to the bay area. i'll show you when and where in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> him if and they may in a
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tough spot but the hope still very much alive in oak land. confidence of the fans and what confidence of the fans and what one man has done to prove
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>> major battle boiled over
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today in the south bay over what is a fair day pay? voters are set to decide if san jose minimum wage should go up to continue dollars an hour. david explains today's development. >>reporter: can you live on minimum wage rate now. >> no. it's hard because i ha son. so try to support him on 8 dollars an hour doesn't cut it. >>reporter: justin stands on street corners 3 hours a day 7 day as week to drum up business for a pizza a place. 8 dollars an hour he makes 168 dollars a week. if san jose measure d passes the minimum wage will dollars an hour. while it would help pay for rent and food opponent warn eloyers may sily cut hou or iminate the js. conost chris thorberg was hired to analyze the proposal by the san jose silicon valley chamber of commerce. he says small medium size businesses will be impacted the most. >> these are the folk who more or less rely on minimum wage
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workers. they will have to scale back operation and even as they do that already noted that means fewer jobs for minimum wage workers. >>reporter: supporters of measure d have also been pouring over economic studies that claim there are benefits for small medium businesses when they pay higher than minimum wage. >> dr. matcly reduce turn over. people can't live on 8 dollars an hour. so what they do is they medley turn. look for another job and another job which means company have to contually recruit and train. >>reporter: measure d lined up social service agency and labor group on one side against business owner and mayor on the other. city says auditing business to monitor clients will cost san jose additional 600,000 dollars a year. money it doesn't have. on the other hand supporters say higher wages give workers more spending power that give local businesses help. >> they have to decide is what best for them and the wkers. go t te ball of urse o noveer 6. i sanose, david
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lou c 7 ws >> cle up coinues in oakland afte last nht destctive anti-war rally. hundreds of plo testtors march through downtown oakland breaking window and throwing paint on buildings. glass doors at city hall smashed. look at the mess. window also breaken at oakland police recruiting office. oakland tribune. and several banks. no one was arrested for the vandalism. well, the oakland a mean time had off day today before they return in front of home crowd tomorrow. it is a must win game to stay in the play offs but the fan fare didn't stop tonight. >> let's go oakland. >>reporter: die hard fans held rally in front of city hall to cheer on green and gold. a's are down 2 games and trying to avoid being swept by the tigers in the best of 5 division series. >> i have tickets up to the world series. i am that confident.him if money ballll
9:18 pm
2. thisime we win the last game. >>reporter: don't y like th way he thinks the team american league western division pennant also flying over city hall. game time tomorrow is at 6:07 at the coliseum. 3 must whip games a's beginning tomorrow and spencer is here with the forecast. beautiful start to the week. is it a's baseball weather tomorrow? should be nice. >> well, let's see. we do have increasing chance of rain but very unlikely weigh on the game tomorrow night. live view from the highdefinition east ba camera i emeryville. sky main clear but becoming partly cloudy especially near the coast and bay and here's a lock at live doppler 7 hd. area of includes over here on this side. well offshore and you can see sprinkle out there. some showers offshore at the moment but mainly mostly clear skies over the bay area. f showers only 90 mis west o the golden ga so theare osing inhe bay areawhich agai goealon witthe increased ance of showersin
9:19 pm
the next coue days. right now temperatures are 59 degrees here at san francisco 61 across the bay and oakland. 54 at santa rosa and upper good is to low 60's in the inland east bay. these are our forecast feature becoming cloudy or partly cloudy overnight. isolated showers likely tomorrow or i shld say ssib torrow overhe gher terra and showe lilyouth of san josen wednesday. low temperature tonight will be on the cool side up in the north bay valley in the low mid 40's in places like santa rosa and nap a.low 50's most other parts of the bay area and on we go to this increasing chance of showers. satellite radar im am upper level low offshore this is the system that will be the trigger to those showers and chance of showers start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonigh tonight. tomorr can be olated swers. widely isolated over the higher terrain but weesday increase chance of more organize showers scattered but
9:20 pm
better organized south of san jose did you know through santa cruz mountains into the monterey bay area. watching it for to you see if the wet weather makes its way northwar northward. tomorrow not expected to move very far to the north unless it hits some of the higher elevation down in the south bay lack for partly to mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon. high pressure mainly low 70's on the planes we see hgh mainly in th60's. mid upper 60's up to 70 mountain view 71 at los altos. mid 60's coast. low to mid 60's pretty mailed on the coast tomorrow. downtown san francisco high of 63. tomorrow 61 in the sun set district up in the north bay high from upper 60's to low 70's up to 72 in calistoga. on t east b 68 oakland. 6at newk 70 union city t inlan ea bay. high maiy the low 7s tomorrow with 73 at antioch livermore 72 at concord and danville and monterey bay chance of shower down morgan hill area and into the santa cruz mountains see high in the upper 60's near monterey bay and low 70's inland. here's
9:21 pm
accu-weather 7 day forecast. sogainsolad showers possible tomorro mainly gher terrain showers chance of showers on wednesday mainly south of san jose. then drying out and warming up by the weekend. certainly by sunday inland high in the low 80's. mid 70's around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. it is not too late to win 49,000 dollars from abc 7. these people want a chance to win. if brentwood and petaluma and san francisco women have all entered through the facebook page. winner is announced right here after the 49ers game on october 18 game. you can enter. go to this site and click on the win 49,000 dollar button. that will take you to the on line forum where you can enter all the details all your details there for your chance to within the money. >> pretty good odds. >> that's true. good odds. >> thank you very much. >> well talk about a leap of faith. listen to this. daredevil sky diver is
9:22 pm
preparing to break the sound barrier in a jump to the very edge of space. his story is edge of space. his story is next. w
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>> well whether kehup spaghetti sauce or good old red ripe to mate more in you det n help prevent stroke. those products have high amount of like pine and men between 45 and 65 with higher levels of it in their blood reduce the risk of stroke by more than half. subject were studied over 12-year period. findings published in the journal of neurology. tomatoes good inform our health. >> bay area scientist who revolutionize the field of stem cell research is a nobel praises winner tonight. doctor
9:26 pm
of san francisco glad stone institute at ucf won the prices for discovering way to turn adult human cell back into the equivalent of stem cell. here's health science reporter carolyn johnson. >>reporter: applause from san francisco doctor reached kyoto, japan. he celebrated the news of the nobel by teleconference with his colleague at the glad stop institute. >> thank you very much again everybody. >>reporter: 6 years ago he discovered way to turn adult stem cell into the equivalent of embryo stem cell that can be coaxed into becoming any kind of human cell in the body. it provides alternative to harvesting stem cell from human embryo. in exclusive ierview withs in 2009 the doct td me that t eicalebateover emyo stem cl had held drive his research. >> so that's why and how i got
9:27 pm
interested in reprogramming. reporter: his colleag said the technique led to mainly advance including the ability to create these beating heart cell in a dish and providing powerful new way to study disease. >> at glad stone we focus on heart scene. brain disease and viral disease. in each area we have used his technology and s discovery to make mainly gain. >>reporter: cell are known as induced stem cell or i p s cell. the doctor believes they will be used in practical therapy including treating eye disee le malar degerati. >> i ink is ready to yvshti colleagueescribe the doctor as humble. bordering on shy. they say he's unlike will i to change despite the intense international spotlight. >> i about i'm basic scientist.
9:28 pm
>> basic scientist. carolyn hnson repoing conats to him. >> noing bac aboutn austriareevil either. felix is about to take sky diving to new height. tomorrow a balloon will lift felix capsule from new mexico up to 122,000 feet. that's where he plans to jump in a pressurize suit and drop more than 22 miles back to earth. he know what is to expect after previous jump recently from 96,000 feet. fichlt standing there in a pressure suit the only thing you hear is yourself breathing and you can seethe curve of the earth and see the sky totally black. >>reporter: he's also trying to be the first man outside a vehicle to break the speed of sound. higher altitude falling at almost 700 miles an hour close to the speed of sound. scheduled to jump at 5:30 our time tomorrow. well 85,000 football fans witness a very special moment. coming up. soldier surprise
9:29 pm
that melt the heart of family and fans alike during half time. >> our world is a better place because chavez decided to change it. let's live up to his exam pel. >>reporter: president obama dedicates a monument and reaches out to latino voters. >> how the ceremony sparked what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon.
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jeans situation. we weren't to take you leif to president obama tonight at bill gram auditorium in san francisco. president is holding a 20,000 dollar per plate dinner prepared by loca celebrity ch an 200erperson conce late t'slist to th presidenspeaki ve. is notconsered preesting condition and excuse to pay.
9:33 pm
[applause] i told you that we would make sure that nobody serve this countr so bravely will ever be kicked out of the miliry bause of who they ar or who they love. we ended don't ask dot tell. [applause] when governor romney said we should let detroit go bankrupt, we said i don't think we are going to take your business advice. we reinvent add dying auto industry that is now back on top of the world. [applause]. >>reporter: president obama speaking live at the bill gram vic auditoum in san francisco holding a big fundraiser tonight. he takes off some of the accomplishment of his administration that would he point to in an attempt to be reelected soon. he is coming off a debate in which many said he did not do well
9:34 pm
against mitt romney. and he is here in san francisco raising more money from his campaign. thursday the vice president candidates will debate and next week next tuesday the 2 presidential comb will debate e moreime. after spending the night sanrancco he ll hea next to ohio torrow before returnio the white house. well on his way bay area from los angeles today the president made a side trip. he dedicated new national monument in honor of the late farm leader chavez happened where the united farm worker still has the headquarters in teen, californ east of bakerield e werthere toy forhe dedition of. >>port: it's prident obairst vis to central california introduced by ufw leader rodriguez the crowd of thousands gave the president a festive welcome. >> the president of the united states of america. barack obama. [applause] is.
9:35 pm
>>reporter: president obama came to the tiny kern county ham let of keen to honor ufw founderhavez. declang his homeo be naonalmonument. inhe years to come generations of americans will stand where we stand and see a piece of history. a tribute to the a great man and a great movement. >>reporter: area known as lapaz covers more than 100 acres. it includes chavez house where his widow helen still lives. visitor center. anhis grave site. his son paul said the president declaration is an honor that goes beyond his father. >> isn't just recognizing my father work but the contribution of latino aged grant and the hard work they have done in the country. >> many saw this event honoring chavez as an effort to bolster his already substantial support for the hispanic community. judging by this crowd,
9:36 pm
president obama more than succeeded. >> i'm very happy very proud because today we have created history. >> one of the things that really caught me was his statement that as a national monument this is also capturing part of america that is not always seen. farm workers are part of america. >>reporter: chavez national monument is destined to be a place of pilgrimage to man who inspired farm workers and presidents. >> our world is a better place because chavez decided to change it. let us honor his memory but most importantly let's li up to his exam pel. >> because of the president visit the national park service expects chavez national monument to become a significant cultural and historic destination n.keen, abc 7 news. >> one more note on this. seems quite a few people on twitter confusing president obama dedication of the chavez monument with the administration comments about
9:37 pm
venzuela president hugo chavez. white house today congratulated venzuela people for peaceful elections and for high voter participation in yesterday reelection of hugo chavez. but according to the huffington post people confused the 2 events. quite a few people tweeted outrage about obama national monument to president hugo chavez reelection confusing caesar with hugo chavez. others tweeted about obama attending a hugo chavez election celebration. >> hundreds of greek scuffle with police in athens today. they are protesting planned income cut under new harsh austerity program. also burned a flag europe flag. german is blamed for the cuts. german chancellor hs attach ringent meare to grce loans. mao vitsreece
9:38 pm
tomorrow a she said she pects talk with the greek prime minister to be cordial however the government is deploying police on patrol snipers on the roof top and closing off entire neighborhood in an attempt to minimize the hostile reception many people expect for her first visit to athens. since theail outs bega back he. sad newout detroi lex carasormer detroit lis footbal player only few days to live apparently. he has been suffering from dimensia. he's among many former nfl players suing the league regarding treatment of head injuries. he is better known for work as actor playing the role of among 0in the classic blazing saddle and father in the sitcom webster. but he's near the end of his life apparently. >> well now to very emotional moment this weekend at the football game between south carolina and georgia. family of sergeant first class scott fail was honored on the field. it included a personal video message on the jumbotron and
9:39 pm
just as the tears started to flow, dad emerge the and family sprinted to meet him. wah what happens. >> turn your attention to the special message. [applause]. >> spencer just said sitting next to me. how cool is that. what a wonderful moment.
9:40 pm
listen to the crowd just roar as the family is reunited. sergeant first class scott fail and his beautiful family. >> what a great moment that is. >> well just ahead here tonight on 7 news at 9:00. result are in and the biggest pumpkin is crowned. new record and who won top honors. >> also. valuable painting is defaced. now man claiming responsibility and explaining why he did it. why he did it. >>
9:41 pm
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9:43 pm
>> alaska airlines operation basically back to normal after the computer outage brought down the reservation today. 2 cables pwlominging to sprints were severed between milwaukee and chicago. another set of lines were also cut between seattle and portland. now that
9:44 pm
crashed the computers and caused wide spread delays for the carrier. nearly every flight departing the bay area 3 airports were delayed by at least 90 minutes. 2 sfo flight and one from san jose in fact were caelled all together. in ldon n deface valuable painng by erican arstark ss cld andow the culpt is talking about why. the the museum confirms a visitor scribbled on one of the 1958 canvas called black on maroon. now this is the painting before graffiti. now look here. canvas now reads adim ptential pie of yellis he says yelw is part oartistic mement some kd. he says te actions here will ultimately increase the value of the painting. probably not. >> well when being facebook friends is just not enough. coming up. why liking someone
9:45 pm
when you can hug them instead. when you can hug them instead. stay with us.
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9:48 pm
>> well it was a gorgeous day to head to the beach even if it was part of school field trip. fourth gradeers from hillsboro school took the lesson plan on ancient greece today. they used the knowledge of greek alaska tech tour to carve out the temple at the master sand sculptor kirk was on hand to help them with their project. looks pretty good. charlie brown has nothing on this pumpkin. new california record for biggest pumpkin at the festival in half machine bay. about 17 75 pounds of pumpkin. the huge
9:49 pm
gourd set a state record and completely within the rules it was grown by man in oregon. >> kind of like gold fever you get addicted and you ep gring androwi and tearing out more of the yard an making it into a pumpkin patch. >>reporter: please apartment hill, oregon is a multiple winner half moon bay contest. record pumpkin brought 6 dollars aound. do the math. heading home with 10 650 dollars. not too shabby. >> big pumpkin. spencer back with the forecast. >> he probably has great weather during the growing season. that's washington it was. time lapse view from our high definion cara this afteoon. e had maly sunny y bulate afternoonours few l clouds moving in through the goln gate. see offn the distance fe scatteredlouds up there. more clos on the way tomorrow we start the day with partly mostly cloudy then mainly sunny
9:50 pm
in the afternoon and low pressure system just offshore that could kick up isolated showers in the higher terrain perhaps in north bay months and mount hamilton new morgan hill in the santa cruz mountains but down in the bay level area s level area we have dry conditions. high pressure ranging from mid 's near the coast to upper 60's low 70's right around the bay. low mid 70's in the mildest inland location. and on we good to tomorrow night at the coliseum in oakland. game 3 of the a's play off series with the detroit tigers. game time 6:00 o'clock tomorrow evening. partly cloudy at that hour and temperatures ranngrombout degrees so the sta ofhe ge downo 56 ase t lat to t eving hour accweather 7 day forecast. isolated showers tire terrain tomorrow. chance of more organized showers south of san jose on wednesday. then drying out and warming up as we head into the weekend. high pressure by sunny low 80's in the inland location. nice weather ahead. >> that's nice. thank you very much. >> now to what could be the next step in facebook like.
9:51 pm
melissa kit ciao at mit come up with what she calls the social media mess. it will hug you inflating whenever somebody likes the update video or photo on facebook. she and her co-developers haven't revealed how it works but hug can be retued to the sender by squeezing the vest and deflating. look at that. she concedes it's more about art and technology than actual functional fashion but it's a clever idea. >> mike is here if you like us on facebook we will send mike to your house. >> i prefer a relevant hug i would be willing to do that. giants a both back ait the wall. 3 straig gamto advance to respective chamonship. pre-view come up. st. louis washington battling in the n
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male aouncer ] intducing a look tce. introducina stunning rk of technology- e enrely n lexus e and e fit-evers hyid.
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th is e pursuit perfection. >> coming up at 11:00. more on the president san francisco appearance tonight as he tries to regain momentum with 29 days left until the election. >> and vending machines. not exactly your go to source for
9:55 pm
healthy information perhaps. well that is all about to change. we explain how. those stories and more coming up tonight at 11:00. over on channel 7. we have all the sports. >> tell you what giants battle the reds and history no team in major league baseball has won 3 straight road games to advance in the championship series. first ever post season start tomorrow afternoon tomorro afteoon.reds n swe at home all sson. starng piherailey thre no hitter at season end a giants bat asleep at the wheel scoring only 2 runs hitting 169 against the red pitching staff. maybe clinching a play off early left the team flat they love the dra. one more loss and they are gone. that's drama. >> unfortunate part of short series is not big margin of error and hopefully play the best ball and get great pitching and you get the timely hits. which we haven't gotten
9:56 pm
and they have on their side. we know where we are at. we have our workut out. but it isest of 5.wel ce ou read to tomrow. >>porter: a right game 2 cardals hosting national 5th inning. deep to center but check out john jay. eats a little wall but great grab. of 6th inning. beltran crushes solo shot to left field. he wasn't done. beltran again. 2 run pwlachlingt even the series at game appease with a 12-4 victory. a's in the same boat as giants needing 3 game sweep of detroit at the coliseum to advance to the american league championship series. anderson the mound tomorrow. a's swept 7 of the series at home to get in the play offs but own worst enemy. too many error leading unearned run. droplay ball and wild pitches. had the lead
9:57 pm
three times but lost. buns back all season and they believe they can do it again. >> we played some very dramatic games we lost and able to come back and win the next day. so our mantra all along has been let's play for the day. not worry about tomorrow. >> there's no panic. at all. we just our last series at home we just swept. texas rangers and series before that at home was seattle and we swept. so this is definitely hostile environment for somebody to come into. >> it is what it is. we are in a bit of a hole. we'll dig our way out of it. >>reporter: yankees orioles game 2 of the alcs. 3rd inning davis single off petit. the score. orioles up 2-1. to the 9th. ahead 3-two rodriguez at the plate with two outs. johnson. gets him swing to go end the game. how many times have we seen. that orioles even the series at game a piece 3-2 that's final. 49ers display offensive juggernaut
9:58 pm
never seen in yesterday win over the bills. franchise record. 6 20 yards of total offense. first team in nfl history to have over 300 yards rushing and passing in the same game. alex smith 2 37 yards passing in the first half career high and only third time over 300 yards passing in the regular season along with 3 td passes. everyone got involved. that's what make this is team special. nobody complains not enough touches. of. >> they have been consistently good with their attitude. approach. talent level is upgraded. and guys are playing playing reallyell. playing really well together. >> great teamictory especially i think the best offensive performance i have been a part of as far as 11 guys. defense held to 3 points. give up 3 points in 2
9:59 pm
week is incredible. >>reporter: all right monday night football undefeated texas host the jets. houston jumps out early. first quarter. wide open. daniels 34 yard touch down. texas up 7-nothing. g gameor for foste foster rusd r 152 yards includgthis3 yd touch down run tes no an and firs timen te stor 7hat fil and spence also forty-niner fan. he has some namath stories. >> i do don't we all. >> i think we all lake joe. he was fun to watch. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here, thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time as always. next newscast is over on channel 7 at 11:00 o'cck. member tne in on li at 7 thanks fowatching. thanks fowatching. see you in an hour

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